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Image is how others will see you as an asset

Did you ever wonder why Geico spends so much money on advertising? Everyone already knows them and their signature gekko. But, successful companies already know that image and consistency are important. How are you promoting your image?

OJBA's events are there for exhibitors to showcase their goods, services and dominance in a trade. Even though you may have all the connections you need, competition is real in every industry. Being seen may not only result in immediate ROI, but will additionally reinforce your...

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The people you meet can be the livelihood you’ll make

Ask yourself "who's the person to know in real estate?". It’s never just one name, it's a collaboration. The construction and management superheroes are those that have proven what team building is all about.

Meeting people that can provide talent, skill or expertise may boost your business. Hiring the right people and implementing the right resources can mean the catapult to success. Learn from the ones that made it big and meet continuously, because one never knows which conversation would lead to the next b...

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If you don’t learn it someone else will

It is true, opportunity is everywhere. There's no shortage of resource, energy and business. Are you motivated enough to find it? Just like every other industry, property acquisition, management and construction fall into the hands of the ones that actively pursue it.

Who's the biggest overnight success story? The guy who worked 10 years to make it. There will always be a newer technology, faster process and smarter idea. Be the one to think of it so that no one else will. It’s how innovation becomes your busi...

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Without the connection – the strongest wall will fall

In business, it's about connection. Chances are you joined LinkedIn to forge some great connections to like minded firms, individuals and pros. You may be seeking HR assistance to grow your construction or management firm. Either way, no matter how fast your company or user base is growing, staying connected to team players is essential.

At OJBA, we realized that meeting industry professionals and talent was hard to come by. While trade shows are great mediums for meeting and connecting, there seemed to be a g...

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