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Without the connection – the strongest wall will fall


In business, it’s about connection. Chances are you joined LinkedIn to forge some great connections to like minded firms, individuals and pros. You may be seeking HR assistance to grow your construction or management firm. Either way, no matter how fast your company or user base is growing, staying connected to team players is essential.

At OJBA, we realized that meeting industry professionals and talent was hard to come by. While trade shows are great mediums for meeting and connecting, there seemed to be a growing need for a targeted trade show in the construction industry. Builders and GCs prefer maintaining a mainstream cultural staff and are slowly realizing that it’s never a day wasted to get out of the grind. It’s a day of finding new leads in a creative environment.

We effectively achieved all that and more. With our events focused on the Jewish business owner in a specific field of construction and management, we were able to lead by example and influence by demand. As the demand is growing, we are expanding our event and its connections from Upstate NY to NYC.

It’s an event that’s likely to be epic and entirely about you.

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