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If your line of business is in the construction and management space then you should be there. On the show floor you will get the chance to meet with industry professionals and associated vendors.

Get to meet the faces behind the scaffold, while creating and reinforcing mutual connections with the biggest names in construction and management. It’s an event which represents you in a presentation that effectively combines educative forums with coveted relationships.

Why Attend?

Whether you’re new in the space or seeking new connections, it’s important to get to know your vendors and clients. It’s even more important to be category specific in the niche industry which you represent. When attending a broader scale event, you encounter difficulty in establishing a direct ROI from the contacts you make. At the OJBAs Events, ALL attendees and exhibitors are like minded individuals who speak the construction and property development language. Construction is their native tongue and you’ll find yourself among a vast display of opportunity which can translate to direct sales or information which is invaluable to your trade. Spending the day with all experts under one roof is likely to have a positive impact on the way you scale or sell your service.

The short guide for busy people:

  • Meet​ industry professionals
  • Speak​ to leading experts
  • Gather​ new contact information
  • Expand​ your research
  • Strengthen​ current business relationships
  • Learn​ insider tips
  • Network​ with like minded individuals

Find yourself:

Which category business are you representing?

Business: General Contractor (GC)

What range of service do you provide?

  • New construction
  • Remodeling
  • Duo: construction and remodeling
  • Developer and contractor
  • Owner’s private contractor

Property management:

What range of service do you provide?

  • Residential: condo management
  • Residential: rental management
  • Owner’s rep
  • Commercial management: retail or office space

Maintenance and management:

What range of service do you provide?

  • Seasonal rentals
  • Seasonal co ops
  • Seasonal condominiums

Property development:

What range of service do you provide?

  • HOA certified
  • Full service property dev
  • Outsourced service property dev


Before you get started it’s important to know the rules.

  • Title requirement: OJBA Events is a business to business, category specific event only and is not open for the public. To attend, you must be an authorized representative or affiliate of a subsidiary contracting position that is in direct affiliation to the construction or building management service line.
  • Adults only:​ OJBA Events does NOT allow persons under the age of 18 to attend. Infants and children are not allowed on the event floor. Please plan accordingly.
  • One bag per tag:​ Promotional items or event handbooks are available at one per attendee.


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