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Since 1970, the Rosenberg family has made it their business to do an outstanding job serving both established and up-and-coming builders, remodelers, contractors, industrial customers, and homeowners throughout the Tri-State area. Consistent with this approach of meeting the needs of their customers, Certified and Boro Park Lumber and Home Center has established as their mission, GOING THE EXTRA MILE.


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Hilly Lichtenstein, COO at Newstone AECC, worked a decade and a half in the construction and building management industry. He witnessed countless hours, efforts and dollars lost to exploratory wall destruction to locate and repair ducts, electrical conduits and plumbing.

“So much waste…” He asked himself, “What if I could see what’s behind the wall?” “What if I could minimize losses by precisely determining where to repair hidden problems?”

His questioning led him to discover how other industries use VR technology to save time and money: insurance assessments, home sales, enhanced online shopping experiences and many more. Today he leads Newstone bringing his experience, integrity and commitment to property managers, investors, developers, realtors, brokers and others.


Finding a compliant superintendent isn’t easy… Homecore Superintendents ALWAYS have license spots available. Homecore Superintendents keep developers and general contractors in compliance with the DOB ordinance Chapter 1043(d)


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Showcasing your brand is best when promoting your message to an industry specific crowd. At the Citywide Expo, a sponsorship awards your business the benefit of a like minded audience in the construction and management industries.