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OJBA’s success stories span the communicative meet and greet which occurs throughout the day and aftermath of its event displays. At our expo event, you will get a chance to meet the people that build, restructure and manage properties. You will also get to snag real opportunities that can be a game changer in your career. Representing a service? At OJBAs events we present a great time to get noticed.

Why exhibit?

You’re in the business of growth and profitability. Not much time is spent on slowing down the fast paced daily grind. The OJBA Events was created with a mission to streamline its exhibitors and attendees in a very specific approach to demographics and business perspectives. Featuring leading investors, experts and subcontractors, the crowd is selected and the mission shared. Unlike other events which include all categories of business, our showcase is entirely comprised of property development and management professionals, as well as construction and construction subs as attendees which learn and share insights and connections. Everyone present remains intent on one single focus: a likeminded approach to the pre, mid and post construction of properties. Similarly, everyone present can utilize the services of an exhibitor or attendee. You may have met before. In fact, you may be dealing with him/ her on a daily basis. OJBA’s corporate event puts a face to the name and a strategy to the handshake. It’s a way you get to maximize visibility and share success.

The short guide for busy people:

  • Meet​ buyers and professionals
  • Showcase​ your brand
  • Publicize​ your portfolio and specialty
  • Gather​ contact information
  • Maintain​ connections
  • Distribute​ company literature
  • Gain​ targeted visibility
  • Strengthen​ current business relationships
  • Share​ and learn insider tips
  • Motivate​ via success stories
  • Analyze​ the market

Find yourself

Which category business are you exhibiting?

・Surveyor ・Excavation ・Masonry ・Waterproofing ・Framing ・Patio and decks ・Ironwork ・Windows ・Garage doors ・Roofing & siding ・Stucco ・Brick layer ・HVAC ・Plumbing ・Central vacuum ・Sprinkler system ・Elevator ・Electric ・Low voltage ・Insulation ・Sound proofing ・Sheetrock ・Tile ・Flooring ・Doors & Trims ・Kitchen ・Custom closets ・Paint ・Locksmith ・Landscaping ・ Paving ・Fencing

・Professional Consultant

Are you representing a wholesale or retail supply house for professional use?
・Retail: Lumber supply, Hardware, Electrical parts, Plumbing parts
・Wholesale: Suppliers and distributors of construction trade supply


Before you get started it’s important to know the rules.

  • Title requirement:​ OJBA’s regional event is a business to business, category specific event only and is not open for the public. To exhibit, you must represent a firm which operates within the construction industry and serves clients in NY’s Orange and Rockland counties and/ or North Jersey.
  • Preparation is key: Planning the day prevents mishaps along the way. To be prepared, follow your pre show email checklist and conduct a thorough overview of the day’s events, schedule and booth layout. Know how to get to your booth, as well as the closest entrance and exit for reliability and safety. We urge exhibitors to route directions ahead of time to avoid travel delays.


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